Fortnite Downtime Today, April 11: Everything You Need to Know About the Update v24.20

The highly anticipated Fortnite update v24.20 is scheduled to roll out today, April 11, at an unusual time, 3 am Eastern Time (ET). With a larger update size than usual and the potential for extended downtime, we’re here to provide you with all the important details.

An Earlier Start Time for Fortnite Update v24.20

Starting at 3 am ET, Fortnite servers will go offline for the update, an hour earlier than the typical 4 am ET. The reason for this change lies in the update’s larger-than-usual size, which will require additional downtime to complete.

Players in Battle Royale and Save The World modes are advised to log off their sessions by 2:15 am ET to avoid losing progress.

How Long Will the Downtime Last?

Usually, Fortnite downtime lasts between two and three hours. However, with the larger update size, it’s expected to last approximately four hours. Servers should be back online around 7 am ET, allowing players to access the new content throughout the day.

New Content and Fixes in Update v24.20

Here’s a breakdown of the exciting new content and fixes you can expect in Fortnite update v24.20:

Attack on Titan Collaboration

  • ODM Gear: This new Mythic item allows players to zip around the map and attack opponents at close range with blades, just like in the anime/manga.
  • Eren Jaeger: Unlockable for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass holders.
  • Mikasa & Levi Ackerman Skins/Outfits: Available in the Item Shop.

Additional Attack on Titan collaboration content is yet to be revealed.

Coachella Collaboration

The in-game Coachella collaboration is set to go live once the downtime ends.

Hiss Clique Quest Pack

The Hiss Clique Quest Pack will likely be added to the Item Shop, but remember, it’s a real money pack and cannot be purchased using V-Bucks.

New Reality Augments and the Smart Pistol

Expect new Reality Augments to be added, given their prominence in the game. The Smart Pistol, which currently exists in the game files, may or may not be introduced to the loot pool in Chapter 4 Season 2 today.

Bug Fixes in Update v24.20

Minor bug and glitch fixes will be implemented, improving the overall quality of life for players.

Prepare for an exciting day of new content and collaborations as Fortnite update v24.20 rolls out. Remember to log off by 2:15 am ET to avoid losing progress, and get ready to enjoy the latest additions to the Fortnite universe once the downtime ends.

Additional Features and Improvements in Fortnite Update v24.20

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into some of the new features and improvements that players can look forward to in the Fortnite update v24.20.

Map Changes and New Locations

With each Fortnite update, there’s always the possibility of map changes and new locations being introduced. Keep an eye out for any alterations to the Fortnite landscape, as well as new points of interest that may offer unique challenges and opportunities.

Performance Enhancements and Stability Improvements

Epic Games continuously works to optimize Fortnite’s performance on various platforms. Update v24.20 may bring enhancements to the game’s performance, providing a smoother experience for players. Additionally, stability improvements can help reduce crashes and other technical issues.

Balancing Adjustments and Gameplay Tweaks

Fortnite’s developers constantly monitor the game’s balance and make necessary adjustments to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. Expect possible tweaks to weapons, items, and gameplay mechanics in update v24.20 to maintain the game’s competitive spirit.

New Challenges and Rewards

Fortnite is known for its engaging challenges and rewards system. Update v24.20 could introduce new challenges for players to complete, allowing them to earn rewards such as skins, emotes, and other in-game items. Be sure to check for any new quests and objectives once the downtime ends.

Creative Mode Updates

Fortnite’s Creative mode is a sandbox-style space where players can build and create their worlds. It’s possible that update v24.20 will bring new features, assets, or improvements to Creative mode, further expanding the possibilities for players to unleash their creativity.

In Conclusion

Fortnite update v24.20 is set to bring exciting new content, collaborations, and improvements to the game. With the downtime scheduled to last approximately four hours, players should be able to jump back in and explore all the latest additions around 7 am ET. Remember to log off by 2:15 am ET to avoid losing progress, and keep an eye on Fortnite’s official channels for any updates or announcements. Happy gaming!

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