Love Is Blind: Micah denies interest in Kwame after pods, but her flirty nature speaks louder

Love Is Blind is a popular reality TV show that premiered on Netflix in February 2020. The show features singles who are isolated in pods and can only communicate with each other through a wall, without seeing each other. The goal is to form a deep emotional connection and get engaged before meeting in person. Then, the couples have to navigate their relationships in the real world and decide whether to get married or break up.

One of the couples on Love Is Blind was Micah and Kwame. Micah is a 24-year-old personal trainer from Arizona, while Kwame is a 26-year-old digital content creator from California. They both seemed to hit it off during the pods and got engaged. However, when they met in person, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. Micah claimed that she never had any interest in Kwame, and that she was just naturally flirty with everyone.

The aftermath of Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind was a hit with audiences, who loved the drama, the suspense, and the romance. However, the show also sparked controversy, as some of the contestants were accused of being insincere, manipulative, or fake. Micah was one of the contestants who received criticism from viewers, who felt that she led Kwame on and then rejected him in a cruel way.

After Love Is Blind, Micah and Kwame went their separate ways. Micah continued her career as a personal trainer and influencer, while Kwame pursued his passion for content creation and activism. However, their paths crossed again recently, when Micah appeared on a podcast and claimed that she never had any interest in Kwame, and that she was just being friendly and flirty.

Micah’s denial and flirty nature

Micah’s claim that she never had any interest in Kwame might come as a surprise to some viewers, who saw her express affection and attraction towards him during the pods. However, Micah’s explanation that she is naturally flirty and friendly with everyone might be more plausible, given her personality and profession. As a personal trainer, Micah has to interact with clients and colleagues on a daily basis, and being outgoing and charming might be part of her job.

However, Micah’s flirty nature also raises some questions about her sincerity and authenticity. If she is always flirty and friendly with everyone, regardless of her actual feelings, how can anyone trust her words or actions? Is she just playing a role, or is she genuinely interested in forming meaningful relationships?

The importance of communication and honesty in relationships

Love Is Blind is not just a TV show, but also a social experiment that explores the nature of love, attraction, and communication. The show highlights the importance of emotional connection and compatibility, as well as the challenges of navigating relationships in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment. However, the show also exposes the risks of dishonesty, manipulation, and insincerity, which can harm trust and respect.

Micah’s claim that she never had any interest in Kwame might be seen as a betrayal of trust and a breach of honesty. If Micah was just being friendly and flirty, why did she accept Kwame’s proposal and lead him on? Was she just using him for attention or fame? These are valid questions that viewers might ask, and that Micah might have to answer if she wants to regain credibility and respect.


Love Is Blind is a fascinating show that explores the highs and lows of human relationships. The show offers insights into the importance of emotional connection, communication, and honesty, as well as the risks of insincerity and manipulation. Micah’s claim that she Micah’s claim that she never had any interest in Kwame might be seen as questionable, given her behavior in the pods. However, her flirty nature might explain her actions, and viewers might have to decide for themselves whether they believe her. In any case, Love Is Blind is a reminder that honesty and communication are essential in any relationship, and that actions speak louder than words.

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