Scientists call for global action to tackle space junk


Space debris, also known as space junk, is becoming an increasingly significant problem for space travel and exploration. With more countries launching their own space programs, the amount of debris in Earth’s orbit is growing at an alarming rate. Scientists are calling for global action to tackle this issue, as the consequences of ignoring it could be catastrophic. In this article, we will discuss the dangers of space debris and propose solutions that could help address this growing problem.

The Dangers of Space Debris

Space debris poses a significant risk to current and future space missions. Even a small piece of debris traveling at high speeds can cause significant damage to a spacecraft. In 2009, a collision between a defunct Russian satellite and an operational US satellite created thousands of new pieces of debris, further exacerbating the problem. If left unchecked, the amount of space debris in Earth’s orbit could reach a critical point where it becomes impossible to conduct space missions safely.

Proposed Solutions

To tackle the problem of space debris, a multi-faceted approach is necessary. The following are some of the proposed solutions:

  1. Spacecraft Design: One approach is to design spacecraft with debris in mind. This could involve adding protective measures such as shields, or designing spacecraft that can maneuver around debris.
  2. Deorbiting: Another solution is to actively remove debris from Earth’s orbit. This could involve using a variety of techniques such as nets, harpoons, and tethers to capture debris and bring it back to Earth’s atmosphere, where it would burn up.
  3. Prevention: Prevention is the best cure, and one way to prevent space debris from forming is to limit the amount of debris that we produce. This could involve designing satellites that are easier to deorbit at the end of their operational life or using more environmentally friendly propellants.
  4. International Cooperation: Perhaps the most critical solution is international cooperation. With more and more countries launching their own space programs, it is crucial that we work together to address this global problem. This could involve sharing technology, data, and resources to tackle the issue of space debris.


Space debris is a growing problem that requires urgent attention. The consequences of ignoring it could be catastrophic, and it is in our best interest to address this issue as soon as possible. By designing spacecraft with debris in mind, actively removing debris from Earth’s orbit, preventing the formation of new debris, and working together as an international community, we can ensure the safety of future space missions and protect our planet from the dangers of space debris.

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