Vipul Shah’s PR Crisis and The Kerala Story Controversy

The Clash of Perspectives in Indian Cinema

In Indian cinema, two films have recently emerged with starkly different messages: Vipul Amrutlal Shah’s The Kerala Story and Sudhir Mishra’s Afwaah. While The Kerala Story uncovers the harrowing reality of non-Muslim girls being lured into conversion rackets in Kerala, Afwaah explores the impact of rumour-mongering on communal tensions. These two films showcase the diverse ideological perspectives present in the film industry today.

The Kerala Story: A Film with a Bold Message

The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story delves deep into the dark underbelly of the conversion racket in Kerala, where innocent girls are brainwashed into becoming either suicide bombers or sex slaves for terrorist organizations like ISIS. The film’s controversial subject has sparked significant debate, with many questioning the accuracy of the narrative and the motivations behind its creation.

Afwaah: A Commentary on Communal Tensions

On the other side of the spectrum, Afwaah focuses on the role of mischievous rumour-mongering in fueling communal flare-ups over sensitive issues like beef and love jihad. The film’s protagonist, a Muslim man, finds himself caught in the political crossfire, highlighting the impact of misinformation on innocent lives.

The PR Crisis: Vipul Shah’s Unexpected Dilemma

As The Kerala Story gained traction, Vipul Shah faced an unforeseen PR crisis when the firm promoting the film suddenly backed out. The reasons behind this decision remain unclear, leaving many wondering what happened behind the scenes.

A Family Affair: The Sinhas Take Over the OTT Space

While The Kerala Story’s controversy continues to unfold, another interesting development in the entertainment industry is the Sinha family’s foray into the OTT space. With Shatrughan Sinha making his debut in the web series Gangster and his wife Poonam Sinha and son Luv Sinha also appearing in the show, the Sinha family is set to make a splash on the small screen.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Crime Thriller: Dahaad

Not to be left behind, Sonakshi Sinha is also gearing up for a prominent role in the crime thriller Dahaad. With the entire Sinha family embracing the world of OTT, fans can look forward to a fresh wave of exciting content on their screens.


The ongoing controversy over Vipul Shah’s The Kerala Story and the following PR crisis has generated significant buzz in the film industry. Meanwhile, the Sinha family’s entry into the OTT space promises new and engaging content for audiences. As the world of Indian cinema continues to evolve, moviegoers and fans can look forward to a wide array of diverse and thought-provoking films and series in the future.

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