Top 10 Summer Family Photo Outfits


Summer is the perfect time to capture those precious family moments with a photo session. As the warm weather brings everyone outdoors, it’s essential to choose the right outfits that will make your pictures shine. The top 10 summer family photo outfits and provide helpful tips on choosing the best look for your family.

Why Choose a Theme for Your Family Photos?

A theme for your family photos can create a sense of unity and harmony, which makes for visually stunning images. It also allows you to express your family’s unique personality and style, making your pictures stand out from the rest. So, why not plan a themed photo session and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outfits

Colour Coordination

Choose a colour palette that complements each family member’s skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour. This will help create a cohesive look and make your photos more visually appealing. Stick to two or three primary colours to keep things simple and balanced.

Comfort and Style

Ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their chosen outfits. This means considering each person’s unique style and making sure their clothing is appropriate for the location and weather conditions.

Location and Weather

Choose outfits that match the environment and can withstand the summer heat. Lightweight and breathable materials like cotton and linen are perfect for outdoor photoshoots.

Top 10 Outfit Ideas for Summer Family Photos

  • Nautical Theme

A nautical theme is perfect for the beach or lakeside photo sessions. Think navy blue, white, and stripes. Pair these with khaki shorts or white pants for a classic, timeless look.

  • Floral Prints and Pastels

Floral prints and pastel colours are perfect for a garden or park setting. Mix and match floral patterns with solid pastel-coloured outfits for a fun, summery vibe.

  • Denim and White

Denim and white outfits create a casual and comfortable look that works well for outdoor summer photos. Combine different shades of denim with white tops and accessories for a clean, classic appearance.

  • Bohemian Chic

Embrace the summer spirit with a bohemian-inspired theme. Flowy dresses, earthy tones, and layered accessories make for an effortlessly chic look that’s perfect for a relaxed family photo session.

  • Classic Black and White

Keep it simple and elegant with a classic black-and-white theme. This timeless colour combination works well for any setting and can be dressed up or down, depending on your family’s style.

  • Bright and Bold Colors

Make a statement with vibrant and bold colours. Opt for shades like red, orange, and yellow for a lively and energetic feel. Just be sure to choose a backdrop that won’t clash with your outfits!

  • Country Style

Capture the essence of summer with a country-inspired theme. Plaid shirts, cowboy boots, and denim create a rustic, charming look perfect for a countryside or farm setting.

  • Playful Patterns

Mix and match playful patterns like polka dots, stripes, and geometric shapes for a fun and unique family look. Be mindful of coordinating colours, and avoid overdoing it with too many patterns.

  • Casual Chic

Keep it casual and stylish with a laid-back summer vibe. Lightweight dresses, linen shirts, and comfortable sandals create a relaxed, chic look that’s perfect for any outdoor setting.

  • All-White Elegance

Opt for an all-white ensemble for a sophisticated and elegant look. This monochromatic theme is perfect for the beach or garden photoshoots and adds a touch of refinement to your family pictures.


Choosing the perfect summer family photo outfits can be a fun and exciting experience. Keep in mind the factors we’ve discussed, such as colour coordination, comfort, and style, as well as the location and weather. With these top 10 outfit ideas, your family is sure to look stunning and create memories that will last a lifetime.


  • What should I avoid wearing for a summer family photo session? 
  • Avoid wearing overly tight or uncomfortable clothing, as well as outfits with large logos or distracting patterns. These can take away from the overall aesthetic of the photo.
  • How can I make sure everyone’s outfits coordinate without being too matchy-matchy? 
  • Choose a colour palette and stick to it. Allow each family member to express their unique style within that colour scheme, and consider mixing patterns and textures for added visual interest.
  • What are some tips for dressing young children for a summer photoshoot? 
  • Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics and comfortable shoes. Avoid overly complicated outfits with too many layers or accessories, as they may become uncomfortable or fussy.
  • Can we include our pets in the family photo session? 
  • Absolutely! Just make sure to coordinate their outfits or accessories with the rest of the family, and choose a location where pets are allowed and will feel comfortable.
  • How should we prepare for the weather during our summer family photo session? 
  • Monitor the weather forecast leading up to the photo shoot, and be prepared with sunscreen, hats, and water to stay hydrated. If necessary, have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme heat.

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